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Common Questions





What's the difference between HPA and CO2?


HPA is High Pressure Air that is compressed up to 5000 psi and stored in the tank. This pressure is what works to propel the paintballs. HPA provides a much more consistent ball speed which is important when keeping your gun within safe levels. HPA is also VERY easy to fill and can be filled at any time regardless of how empty the tank is. Players frequently "top-off" their HPA tanks before a game. HPA tanks are easy to identify because they have an air pressure gauge with numbers on them, whereas CO2 bottles do not.

CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is forced into a container as a liquid. When you fire a paintball gun that is utilizing CO2 as a propellant, the liquid rapidly changes into a gas and the pressure causes the ball to leave the gun. During this expansion from a liquid to gas the CO2 emits a cold shockwave that tends to freeze o-rings, cause large white puffs, and it attracts mosquitoes. Many electric guns can not use C02 because it freezes the internals.  CO2 is also temperature sensitive and produces inconsistent ball speeds. The only advantage to CO2 are the shots available in relation to the size of the container,  CO2 bottles will fire more rounds from a smaller container than HPA. Co2 containers can NOT be filled with HPA or vice versa.

907 Paintball fills ONLY HPA tanks. Players ARE, however, allowed to bring filled CO2 containers and use them. Players will not be charged an Air Refill fee if they do not use our HPA system.


Does your paint wash out?

Yes. Our paint is water soluble. Just be sure to wash it out when you get home. It's also not a bad idea to bring a trash bag for your clothes because Parents don't usually like a vehicle full of paintballed people. 


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

YES! you can bring your own food and drinks to our facility. (The referees might even stop by and do a taste test!) 

The only exception to this is that the Anchorage Municipality prohibits the consumption of alcohol and smoking of any sort in the South Anchorage Sports Park.


Where can I get some epic paintball gear?

We frequently have used gear and equipment for rent or sale. Several times throughout the year we set up the "Haggle Hut". Drop in and haggle with us, maybe you'll get some phat lewtz for your tier gear (translation: cool stuff for your gear bag =).

Does it Hurt?

Has anyone ever snapped you with a rubber band? It sorta feels like that. Although, sometimes you don't even realize you've been hit. Preparation is part of it as well. Although not required, it's a good idea to wear a shirt that has long sleeves- hoodies are very popular. Pants that aren't skin tight are good too, such as loose jeans or cargo pants. Many people find that gloves are good to have and many will cut off a couple fingertips (of their gloves) to use the trigger more efficiently. Players also find it useful to wear soccer or football cleats.

Okay so I've never been paintballing... what do I do?

If you are planning to rent, it's a good idea to use our RESERVATION TOOL  to reserve equipment for your group. there is no payment due when you reserve, but it lets us know you're coming! 

When you arrive, the first thing you should do is check in at the front desk and get your liability waivers started so we can get you or your group logged in.​

It's a good idea to grab a table as soon as you can. The table is for staging, refilling, eating, and holding your stuff. You may also bring your own table & chairs if you don't like the possibility of sharing.

You can bring your own paintball gun. If it's your first time, we need to do a couple of safety checks and ask a few questions. 

Next you'll receive a safety briefing which takes about 5 minutes.

After the safety briefing, we'll issue those who are renting our equipment a rental paintball gun, mask, and paintballs

Once you or your group is ready... It's TIME TO PAINTBALL!

Will I be playing with everyone or just my group?

The simple answer is "yes".

We host 4 main types of game "BEGINNER", "OPEN", "COMPETITION", and "PRIVATE".

BEGINNER games are limited to players with rental guns and players with a lower skill level.

OPEN games are open to anyone. We do our best to ensure the teams are fair. (We don't allow all of the experienced players to play on one team).

COMPETITION games are for players who want no-holds-barred extreme paintballing action. Fast paced, high speed rates of fire, and no fear.

PRIVATE GAMES will be hosted in between the other game types (upon request) for you if you like, but after a few games we encourage you to play against other groups within your skill level. This keeps the games flowing in a way that allows more people to play at once.


Here is a list of common questions we hear every day at 907 paintball. Please read through them as they may save us time at the field. Of course, you may ask them again when you get here because we're really fun to talk to.


What are the rules? Is it one shot and I'm out?


​Yes, ONE SHOT that breaks and leaves paint on you, your gun, or your mask, will eliminate you for that game. So if you get taken out... Clean up! Fill up! Suit up! Get ready for the next game!

We will go over the basic rules in the safety briefing, (view-able HERE). In a nut shell, most games go until one team has been eliminated.


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