Safety Briefing Video:


This is the Pointy End!!

All first time visitors will be required to endure our amazing safety briefing

If you watch this video, you will get the pertinent information. Of course, you may get to 907 Paintball and realize how awesome safety briefing announcers are and just end up watching it over and over.

If you have about 5 minutes to spare, consider edjumacating yourself with our fancy field rules.​

Additional rules will be provided for the 2020 season

907 Paintball : House Rules

Liability Waiver
You must have a current waiver on file. By signing the waiver, you agree to these rules. You can download the waiver HERE

Field Paint Only
Only paintballs sold by 907 Paintball are approved for use at this facility.

No Fighting
No arguing or fighting will be tolerated from adults or children. Magpies, however, may argue all day.

Wear Masks at all Times
When you are in the 907 Paintball arena or chronograph area, you must wear your mask at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is for your safety. If you are asked more than 3 times to put your mask back on, you may be asked to leave the premises without a refund.

Use Barrel Covers
Whenever your gun is in the common area that is not the paintball arena, you MUST have a barrel cover attached to your gun, covering the tip of your barrel. areas that you must use a barrel cover include, but are not limited to the parking area, staging area, viewing area, and any other area outside the arena and chronograph station. Barrel Covers are available for sale if you lose one or do not have one.

Age Requirement
You must be 10 years of age or older to enter the 907 paintball arena. If you are ages 10 to 17, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign a 907 Paintball Liability Waiver.

Do not Drink and Play
Alcohol is not permitted at 907 Paintball. If you are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medicine, DO NOT PLAY PAINTBALL. Keep yourself and others safe by playing only if you are fully coherent.

Anyone caught stealing anything from other players or 907 Paintball will be forbidden from the facility. We will pursue any action diligently that will cause thieves to be prosecuted and receive the maximum penalty. We dislike thieves immensely.

Gun Settings
1. Your gun shall not shoot over 300 fps (feet per second). Use the chronograph station to adjust your gun to a suitable setting.
2. Paintball Guns with mode settings should be set to Semi-Automatic only. (One trigger pull and release will fire only one paintball)

3. We allow PSP mode in our experienced and open games.

907 Paintball Referees and employees make the final calls and enforce the rules at this facility, They have the authority to eject players from the field or premises at their discretion.

Hoodies  (or long sleeve shirts) and loose pants such as cargo pants are recommended (but not yoga or sweat pants...) . Cleats are very useful, but metal-type cleats are prohibited.

On-Field Rules
1. Masks must be worn on the field at all times.
2. If a paintball hits you, your, gun, your mask, or any equipment you are carrying, and breaks, you are out of that game.
3. Saying “hit” or “out” or raising your gun in the air signifies that you are out. This is not reversible and you must leave that game.
4. No Blind-Firing. Shooting out of a bunker without looking can cause injury to other players and spectators.
5. If a game is not in session, DO NOT shoot the bunkers for target practice.
6. Do not jump on or run into the Air Bunkers.
7. If you are using a rental, DO NOT PICK UP PAINTBALLS OFF THE GROUND and use them. They can damage the equipment.
8. If the referee stops the game due to an emergency, point your gun down and await further instruction.
9. Do not shoot players after they have signified that they are out.
10. Families and children often spectate; please refrain from vulgar or inappropriate language.